Group Classes

Come on by for a blast of culture, music, and new friends all in 45 minutes!

Group classes are either drop-off (usually for birdies 3 yrs+) or caregiver-and-child for the baby birdies. Two special requests to moms, dads and caregivers:


Please participate as much as you can in class with your child. When you clap, repeat words, play instruments, and engage, this encourages your child to mimic you and feel comfortable to join the process. The first few classes are always a lot of information but as the weeks go on you and your child will learn our system and be jamming in no time!



Please get to class 10 minutes early because we want to know how you are doing! In building our global community it’s inspiring for us to know why you’ve come to class. If interested, please share what country you have ties to, if you are bilingual at home, and what you want to get out of the program. This will help us to enrich the classes with as much as we can to serve you.



To enroll in a class, you must call or email the specific location you want to join. All payment is through the location you wish to attend. If you have any bumps in the road, please contact us and we will help guide you. Any questions about make-ups, sibling discounts or pro-rating are subject to the policies of the location you attend. Please see calendar below:


Calendar Coming Soon!